Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hooray for Poop and Getting Back to Regular

After last week packed with events including a trip to the zoo, shots, anniversary night out, 4th of July, multiple cookouts, a couple races and finished off by traveling over the weekend to NYC (daughter's first flight was a success!), this week is all about getting back to the normal routine.  I welcome and thrive on routine, as do babies. 
Over the course of travel, hot weather and solid food our daughter hadn't pooped in a week, so after trying as many remedies as I could read about (rectal thermometer, prune juice, eliminating constipating foods, frequent breast feeding, and water) I spent my day yesterday waiting for the doctor to call with advice and texting my husband with poop status updates.  Since it had been so long we resorted to using a glycerin suppository which got things moving quickly.  Now I'm educating myself on all the ways to avoid this in the future and learning that starting solid food is like breast feeding in that both baby and mom have a lot to learn together!  I'd imagined I would have a baby who was just going to love and eat gobs of veggies right off the bat, but the facial expressions so far tell me we have some time to getting to that point.
This website I found is SUPER helpful for info on feeding babies and making your own baby food (I had great success today with steaming and pureeing pears):
Today I was determined to get to morning stroller class before the weather heated up, baby fell asleep at 8:30 and was still napping at 9:20 when it was time to head out, not wanting to wake her I debated what to do, about 15 minutes later the dogs barked and woke her up and I decided we could still make a good part of the class, so I changed her, buckled her in and headed to class.  She got an hour nap, I got to class 15 minutes late, still got a couple miles in including stairs, toning with a resistance band and abs/stretching.  It was a great decision, I needed to get out of the house for a workout, she got tummy time at the end of class in the park and again I was reminded about being okay with better late than never and making the most of the day.
2 Baked sweet potatoes:  a portion fort the fridge and individual servings for the freezer

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