Thursday, July 4, 2013

Being Okay with Good Enough

Every year my sister and I head home to run our hometown 5K with my dad in celebration of 4th of July and their birthdays.  This year she couldn't make it, there was prediction of rain and the start time had been moved up to 7:30am, all making keeping family traditions with a baby in the mix a little more challenging.  We hadn't signed up in advance and yesterday realized to get there on time we'd need to wake up by 5am, not very appealing on a holiday for this already tired mom, but I knew the post race feeling, family time and some delicious food awaited so we decided we would plan to go but make a final decision in the morning.  After a 3am feeding I set my alarm for 5:30am for maximum sleep.  At 5:30 the radar looked clear so we got up and decided we would do our best to get there as early as we could, made coffee, skipped breakfast, packed a post race bag, fed the dogs, and lastly I got our daughter up to feed her, grabbed her a 4th of July outfit, double checked the diaper bag and put her in the car seat, we pulled out of the drive at 6:20, not bad, but cutting it very close for getting to the race.  Road closures for the race further delayed us and by the time we parked it was 10 minutes till race time, we jogged with the stroller to the start, hitting a portajon on the way and ran up to the start just as the national anthem got under way.  There were no warm up miles or strides, we didn't even have time to signup for the race, a quick stretch, passed the stroller onto my mom and we were off.  A mile into the race my shoe came untied which never happens to me and I just kept going hoping I didn't trip.  But even with all that it was fun, we got ourselves out the door before the rain, I ran a decent time, we cheered on my dad and our niece as she finished her first 5K.  So for this perfectionist, today was a lesson in doing "good enough" and enjoying the less than perfect because we were out there together and that's better than missing out.  Happy 4th of July!

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