Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Track Meets

Running on a track never fails to bring nerves and a good workout.  I love running at the track and every summer in our town for about 6 weeks the local running store puts on a low key and free track series.  Basically anyone of any age (2 to 80 as long as you can walk) and ability can show up and jump into any of the events going on that night.  Last night I wanted to get some speed work so I decided to see how fast I could run the mile.  The mile is a challenging event because with 4 laps, go out too fast and you can have a pretty miserable last lap but it still requires a fast pace since it only lasts roughly 6 minutes.    I did 1.5 mile easy warmup with some 100 meter strides. I just wanted to push myself to run hard and see how fast I could go, I started out pretty steady 1:35 laps picking it up on the last lap finishing 6:12. It was scary, it was fun, everything I love about the track and now I'd like to go sub 6:00 this summer.  I felt so good after the mile I did a few cool down laps then jumped in for the 800 as well, a better event for me, running ~2:50.  Welcome summer running!

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