Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stroller Workout

Another gorgeous morning for a stroller workout in the park, I love it when I start my day working out outside.  I've been going to these stroller classes since my daughter was 5 weeks, we go 1-2x each week and what I really love about the workout is it's different than the straight running that I normally do; we get cardio by jogging with the strollers, running stairs, running up hills, and strength mixed in by using weights, resistance bands, or even a bench and we finish up the workout on the mat with abs and stretching.  Not only is it a fun workout but I enjoy meeting and chatting with other moms, discussing baby eating and sleep patterns, family vacation destinations, recipes etc. Now my daughter is starting to enjoy watching the other kids ranging in ages especially when we get them out on the mats with us at the end of class.  There are so many creative ways to get a workout in with a baby, why not in your favorite park?

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