Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spring in My Step

There is nothing like the first run in a new pair of running shoes. Fresh new colors and the renewed cushioning just puts a spring in your step.  I planned to write about how great my run was in my new running shoes, teal and pink Asics Nimbus I was particularly excited about especially because this was my first pair of new running shoes since September given my low mileage pre and post baby, however my workout went different than planned.  My husband watched our daughter on a Saturday afternoon while I set out for the track a couple miles from our house to do my first legitimate interval workout since baby on a quest to find some speed in my running again.  I could feel the spring of the new shoes and felt incredible.  However when I arrived at the track there was a 50 something man sitting in the infield with some football equipment, I was pleasant and said hello while I did some stretching before starting on my 400 repeats. As I made my way through my first 400 I became aware how deserted the rest of the track was and only one gate open as a way out, running a 6:45 pace, fastest in a while I came back to the start, he asked me if I was in my 20s or 30s and I proceeded to spring right on out of the track to the busiest street as fast as possible.  He may just have been friendly but I was not about to find out. So I did my quarter mile pickups on the street instead, looking over my shoulder every now and then.  Post Baby running has been mostly solitary, it's tough to schedule workouts with friends both because my speed has changed and because my schedule is so dependent on baby and having someone to watch her and run between feedings, but in the interest of safety it's time to get back to the buddy system next time I head to the track, one of my favorite places to run.

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