Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Trail Run Stopover

This morning after a night stop over in Asheville on our way to a family beach vacation, my husband and I got to do a trail run together on the Blue Ridge Mountain Trail.  We'd run on this trail last time we were in Asheville and knew the trail head was only a mile or two from our hotel.  As soon as we got onto the trail we were enjoying the run together and glad we chose to run here vs the road as our hometown doesn't have much in the way of good trails for running.  The woods smelled of pine, giving a soft footing and there was fresh morning rain on the trees.  This particular section of trail had the right amount of roots, hills and turns to be challenging and technical but still allowed us to run at a moderate pace.  We did 25 minutes out and turned to head back, agreeing there is no better way to start the day especially before driving and we even made it back in time for some oatmeal and coffee at the hotel breakfast before cleaning up to checkout.

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