Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy 1st Mothers Day!

My mom with me, her first born, in the hospital 1980

Me with my daughter, my first born, in the hospital Jan 2013
My first Mothers Day seems like a fitting time to start blogging about (not just fantasizing of writing about) my experiences as a mom.  Only through having my daughter this past January have I truly understood the love that my Mother has for me.  Through the months of feeding my daughter every 3 hours, responding to her cries no matter the hour and just staring at her in sheer amazement and love, I've often reflected on the fact that my Mom did all these things for me and loves me this much!
Through the days and nights when my Mom generously came to stay with us in the early weeks with our new baby, she showed me through her example how to bathe and care for a newborn because how can you really learn those things when they fly through the demonstration hours after you've just given birth?  Our daughter surprised us and arrived 3 weeks early so I hadn't even gotten around to reading all the books on "How to Care for a Baby" and I am thankful for that because instead I got to learn in action by doing which is a much better way to learn.  My Mom quickly showed me how to talk to and love a baby and it has been amazing to see her as a Grandmother with her first grandchild.  My daughter is a very lucky girl to be her first grandchild and give my Mom a new reason to shop, one of our favorite activities, her dresser is happily stocked with cute clothes and accessories.
So thank you to my Mom for your example as a selfless and generous mom.
Since having my first baby I've said any mom can finish an Ironman if she wanted, caring for a newborn day and night over months is much harder than any Ironman, there are no rest days for moms (just the occasional long nap which is how I was able to start this blog).
Happy Mothers Day to all moms, you deserve this day for all you do EVERY day (and someday your children will grow to truly appreciate all that you do)! 

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